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Cost-Effective Irrigation Services

Avoid costly leaks with the irrigation services from Turf Obsession of Henderson, Tennessee. We're able to provide 17-point diagnostic tests to check for proper water output, as well as perform repairs and replacements.

We design and install both lawn and flowerbed irrigation systems. At Turf Obsession we realize how crucial irrigation management is to keeping your site looking its best. We understand that proper irrigation systems maintenance is a balance between conservation and providing enough water in the right way for healthy plant and grass growth. Leaks and adjustments are an inconvenience if not addressed quickly, and can even involve property repairs or safety issues.

Sprinkler Irrigation - Irrigation Services

Maintaining Your Systems

All sprinkler heads are checked to ensure they're working properly. When defective heads are found, we repair or replace them as necessary. We also make sure the timer is set properly and works as designed. With larger projects, we're able to do new construction and installation of irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Seasonal Services

Prepare for winter by having your irrigation system drained and prepared for the cold weather. We make sure the system is shut down properly so it doesn't freeze and break. When spring rolls around, we will check your irrigation system and make sure it is ready for the warm weather to come.

Contact us in Henderson, Tennessee, to request our helpful irrigation services.